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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Viewpoint Business Wisdom

Viewpoint Business Wisdom - Several years ago, the city of Monza, Italy, there is a ban memelihar goldfish in glass round. The reason is because it is considered an atrocity: the fish will look at the world outside the pastures are wrong, because all will seem bigger than reality.

An age ago, in the year 150 (nearly 2000 years ago), all believers understanding of the Ptolemaic Universe, the Earth is the center of the universe, and the sun is the moon around the earth. This understanding adopted until 1543, when Copernicus published a theory that the sun and the earth silent and others surrounding it.

In 1633 Galileo was condemned by the Church because it is against the teachings of the scriptures, and support the Copernican doctrine which states that the earth revolves around the sun. (New Copernicus Books published after she died, to avoid the demands of the Church). Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life, which he said just before death still muttering "But the earth is spinning". Only after in 1992 was admitted was wrong to accuse the Church of Galileo.

Stepped back again, we will be faced with the myth of the Vikings, who thinks it is because the eclipse magic wolf swallows the sun or the moon. So orang2 Vikings will make a sound beating the drums and other noise, so that wolves would immediately remove the sun. A version of Hanuman.

Actually the reality was what? What we know is everything "right"? Maybe jugakah we live in the world "Matrix", that all of this is actually a mirage? Maybe jugakah we actually goldfish in an aquarium round which makes us one look at the outside world? Reality shaped by our beliefs, which could be very wrong.

According to research, if we wear glasses that can reverse what we see, so all we see upside down, so the sky and roof of the house below, then after a while your brain will turn it over and we'll feel like a normal look. And when the glasses were removed we actually see everything upside down for a while.

Understanding different cantikpun women, anyone have a viewpoint that stretched neck pretty, some say little legs tied into beautiful, or beautiful then stretched ear.

Our perspective of life shaped by our thoughts of the outside world, a "worldview" that is formed by the state, learning, and the environment. Understanding this, we actually can "shape" the standpoint of a more "favorable" to ourselves.

If we assume that the "Work is worship", then we will be more willing and want to do it as much as you. If we assume that good behavior will be rewarded, "karma nutmeg", then our attitude will be a good example.

If we assume that school is useless, it is unlikely that we would continue college. Conversely, if we believe that we will be more successful if always willing to learn and improve, we will be willing and able to learn continuously, so it will be more likely to achieve success. Let's take advantage of this understanding for our own progress and success.

Tanadi Santoso

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