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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Three Angels Business Wisdom

Three Angels Business Wisdom - On a quiet night, there was a knock at the front door of the house. The mother went to open the door, and saw three angels with a radiant face in front of him. One of them said, "We are three angels, sent by Yang at the Top. Now, call the whole family! "

The mother went back in and call her husband and children. The three of them came out and stood in front of the third angel.

"Your family is very kind and loved by Yang at the Top," said the angel. "He will give you a guardian angel. I'm an angel of success, she angel wealth, and who is the angel of love. Choose one of us as your guardian angel. "

The father immediately replied, "I want a successful angel, so always be successful in the job, career, and life."

The mother did not want to lose, "I want the angel of wealth. I want to buy a diamond, bags, clothes, and a new car. "

Then the child participate to ask her desire, "I want the angel of love."

"Do everything!" Said the angel. "Discuss first, then select any one of us."

The three of them were discussed. Moments later, the father of the third angel's face. "On behalf of the family," he said, "we decided to choose the angel of love."

Love angel nodded. Then he goes into the family home. But, when the angel of love goes into the house, angel angel wealth and success went to follow.

The family looked at each other in confusion. But the angel of love explains, "If you choose me, then the other two angels will come with me. But if you choose one of them, there is only one course that will go into your house. "

Lessons learned from this story, do the jobs that you love, because love gave birth to a miracle. Give all your energy for the things that you love it. Do not be too pursuit of success and wealth. Both of these will come naturally when you have struggled do your best and act with love.

Tanadi Santoso

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