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Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

Black White and Grey

Black White and Grey - Amy looked at the envelope he was waiting for the indecisive. He has been interviewed on many places and there are 2 of the most interesting job he wanted, and both accept.
One job in town Surgana, where his job as head of the largest division of a house of worship there. High pay and very adequate. But this is far from the city Surgana mana2 and there there was just everything that is "good" only. Entertainment that there is a spiritual music, toko2 were all polite and well. Its all honest, and there is no crime at all.

Sterile city of evil mankind. Even cinema was considered an offense and there is no longer there, let alone a place to drink beer or cafe. All shops close at 5 pm, and all residents return home with the family. Pirated DVDs is sin, no swearing at all, on the highway vehicles all walks slowly, and all humans respect and caving. The Internet has blocked not connected with the outside world at all. TV only contains spiritual event. There is no freedom of speech. Apparel bikini is taboo, all women face remaining closed his eyes. Superman is considered depraved young children, there is only buku2 spiritual and moral education.

Only in town Nurkana, as chief financial officer of a famous restaurant. High pay and very adequate. Nurkana city of sin, Las Vegasnya earth over here. Alcoholic beverages of any kind is easy to come by. Prostitution is legal. The gambling business. Watch movies and shows terbarupun always available. Previously, Michael Jackson has ever show here. Crime and fraud are also there, and even murder massacre never happened family. Security has improved a lot, and police patrol regularly. This city gives full rights to masing2 population, same-sex marriage sekspun have allowed the government. Even the euthanasia law has also been permitted. Every citizen has the right to choose what he wants, good hal2 lot, which busukpun much.

Amy is a good girl, she likes the place of worship and singing voice guidance, but she likes also kadang2 a movie, clay pirated DVDs, and even drink "long island tea" was ok origin terus2an and not until drunk. Now he was confused to choose which job, and the decision should be taken today.

*** Moral dilemma humans, we live in the truth that is never absolute, sometimes we want all white, and do not want black. What about our humanity that gray, because real life is a little dark, a little white, and the expanse of a million abu2.

* Tanadi Santoso

Black White and Grey Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tanadi Santoso

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