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Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

Benefits of Remembering the Past

Benefits of Remembering the Past  - Nostalgia: a sentimental yearning for the past, Consist of particular intense, complex and vivid memories. Nostalgia can improves people's mood and promote a sense of social integration in People who are sad or feel alone. It is a sign of emotional well being.
Facebook spur reunion. Reunion, is one of the stimulus nostalgic past. What are the benefits? If networking is clearly useful for the business and the success of themselves, but "nostalgia" it is useless?

When we enjoy and imagine the past, either while still in high school, when successful photo contest winner, delicious pompano grandma, asiknya Disney, or when the tour to Milan, then we reminisce. In a survey in 2006 in the UK, 79 percent of the 172 students ber "nostalgic" at least once a week. 16 percent do so every day.

Nostalgia word, from the Greek "Nostos" (= return, back), and "algos" (= pain, distress), it means suffering from distress because he wanted to go back to a place, a time, or past events. It used to be considered something negative nostalgia, even as the disease. Research on new nostalgia done the last 30 years which produce interesting conclusions.

Nostalgia has a special function for the brain: improving our mood, enhance self-confidence, and strengthen social relationships. In general nostalgia will bring good psychological impact. Most people associate with a warm feeling of nostalgia, past, childhood, which splashed happiness.

Nostalgia spur our social feelings when sad and alone, and protect our minds from the darkness of the mind and psychological crash that bad future. A nutritional against darkness and misery of the present and future life vitamins.

There are various triggers that can make us reminisce: reunion, certain barang2, a song, even the smell of certain foods. All that can be captured our senses potentially be triggers. Experiments in the UK shows that people are more often reminisce when he was sad, and always keep in mind is hal2 positive. This shows more often evokes nostalgic positive emotions while difficult.

Form of "story" is most often in nostalgiakan: about myself; focus on human relationships; and concerns of others. Generally it is a story about the hardship of the past can be overcome so that gradually become better. Such trouble finding a business customer and have to get up at 4 am every day at the beginning of which ended with a successful business.

Experiments in the UK and in China, proving nostalgia gives a sense of warmth and confidence that we will be supported by friends and family. There are 3 things that definitely boosted with nostalgia: the ability to build relationships with others; ability of empathy and open heart; and willingness to give suport emotions in others.

We know, for the elderly, the sick, and orang2 miserable, obviously nostalgic help give the spirit of life and happiness. But rarely do we realize that nostalgia was very useful also for young people, healthy, and successful. Nostalgia, provided it is not excessive, will provide a positive impact on our lives. Welcome to reminisce.

"To be Able to look back on one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice" -Marcus Valerius Martial.

* Tanadi Santoso

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