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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Condemned by Eternity

Condemned by Eternity - Adam saw a red medicine on his hand, and his imagination run backwards 800 years ago, where he discovered a miracle drug that can make him do not grow old and die, "medicine of immortality". Adam already enjoy eternal life, she looks 35 years old, handsome, and timeless. It has been 800 years of this life lived.

In the past, he seeks mati2an seek immortality drug, and when it managed to find a magic pill that, she was so happy and feel will be the most perfect human being happy. 100 the first year he was enjoying himself, become immortal youth. Through all his 100 years old already meniggal, as well as family and orang2 familiar. Through 150 years began to happen boredom. Adam married 35 times and has been married to all types of women, there is no longer a pleasure that can be felt. Beautiful woman who married into the old, and die. The food is tasty, any place in the world, any model girlfriend, is no longer interested him. Bored, bored, bored.

Through 300 years of life, he is no longer able to continue his life, but, he did not know how to die, whatever he does he stay alive. Suicide is not in any way make it die. Until 500 years, Adam did not take it anymore, and started looking for a drug to make him to die. A long and arduous search, while he saw the change of mankind, technological change, changes in society, and must survive.

Now, there are pills that his hands could make him no longer be immortal, a drug that makes Adam to be human again, and maybe life will only remain a few months, or even might soon die. Adam did not care, so the death of one interesting thing and not a fear anymore. He smiled, and swallowed the red pill.


We learn to appreciate the time, because we do not have immortality. We learn to appreciate being with friends, because tomorrow he returned to his own city. We enjoy a good meal, because rarely eat it. We are frugal because we know our money is limited. We'd love someone, because we know our time with him was limited.

Limitations make us better appreciate someone, more to enjoy good food, willing to work harder, more intense fighting. The illusion that it was a happy immortality is wrong, immortality makes us lazy, arbitrarily and miserable. We appreciate anything because of the limitations of us.We more love someone, knowing that we are not immortal, and our time is limited once.

Tanadi Santoso

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