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Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015

The Granny Buttons

The Granny Buttons - In an era when the electricity is still a luxury item. Under the streetlights, a grandmother was busy looking for something in front of her house. A young man was passing by and asked: "While looking for what, Grandma?" Replied the grandmother: "Looking for loose buttons, son." The son mudapun help you find the studs.

After searching for a long time not well met. The young man asked again: "Sorry Grandma, was actually nenekmerasa fall studs where?" The grandmother replied: "It does fall in the grandmother's bedroom." Young Sanganak annoyed and asked: "Why why sought outside the home Grandma?" Replied the grandmother: "Yes, son, because in the dark grandmother's house, the outside is bright, it is easier to look."

This summary story was funny and a bit annoying. But in fact unknowingly in business life we too, we often behave like this grandmother. We are always looking for an easy solution to improve our business. We seek a solution in front of the light house, and lazy to look it up in the dark house.

When sales are down, we just give him a discount, increase promotion, because it is most easily done. Perhaps we actually have to re-look at the quality of goods, the production system, the trend of young people, packaging, or method of our sales.

When our employees much comes out, we can only raise lard, or recruit new people again and again. Maybe we should look back at how the work culture of our place, what makes employees feel at home, whether the manager we've given the right motivation, whether the company adds value to the growth of each individual there.

And when we become stubborn child, smoking, and chaotic life, we can only curse and hit it. We forget to look for the root of the real problem.

Tanadi Santoso

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