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Kamis, 19 Februari 2015

Emotions account

Emotions account - Life is actually like a mirror. When we do good for others, orang2 will do good to us.

Why do we sometimes very easy to forgive the A, and always defended him when there were criticized. Instead it's easy to get angry at the B just because of a small mistake, and always looked at from the side negatipnya

Each man, in his heart, emotions have an account on behalf of a friend, and all the people he knew. When the A do good to me, I noted a positive value on the account. When the A do good to his men, I see and record again on his account. Good deeds many times, either to me or to anyone else that I know of, create an account positipnya accumulate. So that one day he promised me off, so I consider him negligent accidentally and immediately I forgive, because he's got a lot of positive savings in the account.

Conversely, people who you think is selfish, often behave poorly on you, or to someone else, you note the negative value of the account. When he cursed his aides, hitting the dog, you note the character of this man with a negative value continues. So even though he has done little good to you, you still do not like it, because negatipnya far exceeds positipnya.

If you note is always positive in people around you, then you are way way berbentang favor of green grass. Because whatever you do will be assessed positively by others. Conversely, if you note berrekening negative everywhere, the way you are full of sharp gravel roads and broken glass, you must walk with bare feet. Just a little one, it could be making your bloody wounds and blood.

A simple example is when a person's life are considered better said sarcastically, he says funny, if the "mbencekno" said sarcastically, arguably indeed bad people astray. That benefits account positive emotions in many people.

With the many positive account, you will be helped by the day of adversity, assisted when doing business, even though the price is rather expensive purchase, referenced to everywhere.

So, let us do good, to help people, and behave that generate positive emotions accounts on orang2 around us, because it will bring tremendous ease in us achieving our dreams and success.

Tanadi Santoso

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