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Minggu, 22 Februari 2015

Come True - true "Life" 24 Hours a Day

Come True - true "Life" 24 Hours a Day - Day - a busy day, work in the busyness of our roll, often makes us forget the "life" and just doing our routine alone. Mencawang each checklist that we have to do, and slowly - slowly dying soul crushed routines.

We forget "dream" we, forget the "passion" that used to bite and grip us with sharp fangs. We become an adult or older. We have become a machine, a robot breathing, which just completed the task of our lives.

We forgot to study in any spare time, to improve and enrich our knowledge kazanah. We forget to try new things. We miss the "soul of our lives' eyes widened dost see the crowded stalls, emotions flared enjoy super tasty meatballs and curiosity in why snail creeping very slowly above the leaves.

Maybe we need to pause and ask again, after so many years of hard work, what was left on our souls. Do we really - really become increasingly wise, if we had been getting "rich" with science, pengetahunan and employability? And, in fact, what our true purpose in life? What we want to accomplish the next 5 years? Or 20 years? Money? Position?

Maybe we need to describe the return of our activities in the correct order, forgetting things - things that are not important, and focus on the work that supports our life purpose. We need to regroup, What is the most important thing we have to achieve this year? What should we do this month? What should we finish this week? What action we today?

We only live 24 hours a day, whoever we are. Then why do not we get even 24 hours a day is the true - true to life, with full consciousness, vigorously. Although a lot of bitterness, though sometimes money is not disaku, although sometimes do not follow normality others, though often in invective. Is not this our own lives, and we must do what our hearts? Let's start again, let "life" again. Greetings spirit.

Tanadi Santoso

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