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Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Dwarves and Astrologer

Dwarves and Astrologer - A dwarf sitting in front of his door. He looks glum and listless. Shortly kamudian came along an astrologer. Forecasters were sorry to see the dwarf and admonished him, "Why are you sitting listless O dwarf?" The dwarf replied sadly, "I am the most unfortunate creature in the entire Fairland. For a week now I'm selling mushrooms, nobody wants to buy! "

Hearing that the forecaster open prophecy books, then shrieked with delight, "Oh, stop it murungmu face it, son! Tomorrow is your lucky day. You will earn big profits! "Then he Forecasters say a spell to bind luck Dwarf. Hearing this the Dwarf became excited. He prepared mushrooms and meticulously cleans his stall that night.

The next day in the market Fairland, the Dwarf with the spirit of offering mushroom - mushrooms. Seeing passion and smile Dwarf, residents were coming and memberli mushrooms. Dwarf happy at all! In the afternoon he went home satisfied and said, "I am very lucky today. Thanks to the spell of the Soothsayer, lucky day goes well. "Then he prepared again mushroom - mushrooms for sale tomorrow. Before going to bed, thinking occurred in his mind, "What if my luck has run out huh? Kan lucky day has passed .... "

The next day, the dwarf's true thoughts. The mushrooms were not touched at all, even though he had shouted - shouted offered. Dwarf who sadly immediately seek the Astrologer. He intends to ask for a spell-binding luck. Walk it up late at night to lodge the fortune-teller.

Arriving at the lodge Astrologer, he knocked on the door and see the forecaster as he recounts. He also wanted to teach another Astrologer binding spell luck. Hearing this the Astrologer just smiled and said, "Son, I actually do not have a magic or spells as you ask." The dwarf was very surprised! "Then what are you doing that day to make my day so lucky?" Asked the dwarf.

"I did not do anything. You are lucky that make your day. When I say good forecast and cast a spell, your heart be light and entertained. Into a beautiful smile and good to hear your voice. That's what makes your day brighter and full of luck. Look at you now! Sullen face, forced smile, and your tone was sharp. Doubts sneak in your heart and messing things up. No spells or magic that can change your day, dear. One's you - only that determines a good or bad day. "

Tanadi Santoso

Dwarves and Astrologer Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Tanadi Santoso

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